Leaders for Inclusive Change is coming October 2022!

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Leaders for Inclusive Change

A six-module class to empower teachers and school staff with the knowledge and skills they need to lead safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth.


Pride and Joy Foundation is creating a six-module virtual class to support adult leaders of Gay-Straight Alliance, Rainbow, and other Diversity Clubs.  

Pending funding, we will be launching the first version of the Leaders for Inclusive Change course in October 2022.


The mission of the Pride and Joy Foundation (PJF) is to reduce the rate of suicide and homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community by fostering allyship, advocacy, and creating opportunities to increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ people. 


We envision a world where all LGBTQ+ humans are heard, housed, and mentally healthy.

Studies show that when an LGBTQ+ child has a singular accepting adult in their life, their chances of attempting suicide decrease by 40%.  Additionally, we know that when LGBTQ+ youth have an affirming space, such as school, they are 35% less likely to attempt suicide. (Trevor Project research briefs)  Lastly, we know that when school communities include GSAs and other affirming groups, it significantly reduces the risk for depression and increases well-being among LGBTQ youth. (Toomey et al., 2011).


Leaders for Inclusive Change will empower the adults who are willing to mentor and hold space for LGBTQ+ youth.  The project stemmed from a request from our monthly Advocacy Support Group.  At that meeting, we received several requests to hold similar trainings to support the leaders of GSAs, Diversity Clubs, and faith-based community groups.  

 Our hope is that each module and its subject matter will have:

  • A video component with captioning (recommended length 5-20 minutes)
  • Multiple reading and viewing recommendations, with direct links
  • An assignment to deepen learning
  • An assessment for the participant to assess what they learned
  • Optional downloadable resources
  • Expected time for a student to fully complete each module: 40-90 minutes


The virtual class will be based on this framework:

 Week One: Creating a Safe Space - exploring what it means to create and hold a safe space for the LGBTQ+ youth community, with an optional “guidebook” for each module introduced.

 Week Two: Vocabulary and History - a review of LGBTQ+ history, as well as the context of current vocabulary.  

 Week Three: Deconstructing Internalized Homophobia - science-based methods to detect and break down unconscious bias, focusing on homophobia and transphobia.

 Week Four: The Gender Discussion - gender identity issues, pronoun usage, and the science behind them.

 Week Five: Intersectionality -  understanding how intersectionality affects our youth, including race, ability, and nationality. 

 Week Six: Building Your Inclusive Network - resources to support your future work as an Inclusive Leader, as well as reflection, capturing of learning and transformation, and final survey.



Join the Interest List

Leaders for Inclusive Change is coming October 2022!

Want to be the first to know when the class launches?