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Going beyond the PowerPoint

On June 15, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ+ employees are federally protected from workplace discrimination.

Some states already had policies in place to protect LGBTQ+ folks in work settings but many did not meaning companies now find themselves unprepared to navigate protections and allyship within their organization. Lack of understanding and training on LGBTQ+ issues can lead to a whole host of issues within hiring practices, promotions, team dynamics and more but the most lasting impact lack of training will have is on a company's pocket book. 

An average out of court sexual harassment settlement costs a company $40,000. The data tells us when taken to court, 67% of cases are ruled in favor of the employee with settlements costing an average of $160,000 and generally take 300+ days to resolve.

By equipping your employees with language, history and tools to foster safety, you not only create a more healthy work environment for all but you also mitigate any financial harm.

In this practical, hands-on training, participants explore how to individually and collectively create safety and belonging for all employees, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

No matter where your organization is on the DEI journey, this training will equip participants to develop the mindset, skills, behaviors, policies, and communication skills to support LGBTQ+ employees. 

This training is appropriate for and can be customized to the specific needs of senior leaders, HR/talent development leaders, trainers, and individual departments.

Because of the in-depth, personalized nature of these trainings, each in-person or virtual training is capped at 25 participants. 

Note: if you'd like to discuss running concurrent cohorts to put multiple teams of employees through this crucial training, please contact Elena Joy Thurston


4 modules 


90 minutes each


In person or live video



MODULE 1: Demystifying Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

In this important foundational module, participants explore why conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity belong in the workplace – and, specifically, in diversity and inclusion training.

They learn what sexual orientation and gender identity are (and are not), how heterosexism is baked into most organizational cultures, and why talking about LGBTQ+ issues benefits all employees and clients – irrespective of one’s individual identity.


MODULE 2: How to Be an Ally

In this module, participants discover how to harness their emotional intelligence to create true belonging for marginalized populations in the workplace. 

Participants discover the difference between “tolerating” and valuing LGBTQ+ employees and why valuing is integral to creating safety and belonging.

Participants explore why LGBTQ+ folks have higher rates of suicide and compile simple and effective tools (including conversation starters) to address suicidal thoughts and feelings within one’s self or with another person.


MODULE 3: Addressing LGBTQ Issues in the Workplace

The second half of the training dives deep into how organizations and their leaders, managers, and frontline employees can identify and root out conscious/unconscious LGBTQ+ bias.

Participants explore how companies can create diversity and inclusion in the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes.

They explore key culture considerations for creating a sense of belonging for LGBTQ employees, their families, and for organizational clients. We explore why companies must evaluate their leadership development
pipelines and management training to ensure they are supportive of the unique, often unaddressed needs of LGBTQ+ employees.


MODULE 4: Taking Action

In this final, highly interactive module, participants put their learning into practice.

They learn Elena’s trademarked Mental Boardroom™ process to integrate their learning in the program with their day-to-day decision making. Through relevant, real-world case studies, participants explore how to communicate bravely in uncomfortable situations with coworkers, clients, family, and community members.

Participants then have ample opportunity to reflect on their discoveries in the program, set individual and company goals, and explore how to transfer their insights into action.


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