#QueerBusinessBook is here!

We wanted LGBTQ+ business and self-empowerment books to support our goal of reducing suicide and homelessness in our community.  

The “big publishers” said there wasn’t a big enough market.  If LGBTQ+ authors wanted to get a traditional publishing contract, they had to figure out a way to get at least 50k followers to justify the “investment”.

We said, “Thank u, Next.” and created our own publishing company.  

Pride and Joy Publishing is proud to announce our very first publication, Thriving in Business: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur.  This book is a compilation of the best tips and heartfelt advice from successful queer entrepreneurs around the world.  14 new friends are waiting to support YOU and your business goals.  

Pride and Joy Publishing has set a goal to reach Bestseller Status in the first two days of its launch.  This will set the book on a powerful trajectory and Amazon will start promoting it to likely buyers.  While the only pre-sale version that is available right now is the eBook version, this makes it affordable for more people to be able to access the needed information for their success.

Royalties go back to the Foundation as a source of sustainable income.  Your purchase of this book sets the stage for the incredible success of every Pride and Joy book yet to come.   

Please support Pride and Joy Foundation and future LGBTQ+ business books by purchasing the pre-sale version of Thriving in Business.


Hurry! Go to https://bit.ly/queerbusinessbook now and reserve your copy.


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